Gudja United F.C. was officially founded in 1945 by a young group of football enthusiasts. The first club colours were black and white, which later became red which represented Gudja's local emblem, but changed once again later in time to become, as still known until today, the blue & white colours which are the colours of our lady.

Gudja United Team 1945-1946

Gudja United Team 1945-1946

BACK ROW - Dr.G.Borg, C.Seguna, A.Caruana, P.Farrugia, J.Caruana, G.M.Muscat, A.Zahra.
SEATED - J.Grixti, C.Caruana, Em.Barbara, G.Cutajar, Clo.Dalli.

Gudja United team 1975

Gudja United Team 1975

Gudja United Team 1991-1992

Gudja United Team 1991-1992

BACK ROW - John Dalli (President), Joe Galea, Jeffrey Farrugia, Joe Cappello, John J.Dalli, Noel Micallef, Joe Bonello, Claude Scerri, Etienne Scerri, Michael Baldacchino, Hugh Caruana (Coach).
SEATED - Ray Dalli, Romeo Baldacchino, David Zammit, Simon Sammut, Mario Vick, Patrick Demanuele, Maurice Muscat

The club had various good squads in the years, but the breakthrough came in 1974 when the club was promoted to the 2nd Division (Now known as the 1st Division) for the first time in our club's history. The club also remembers this era as the new premises in Gudja square were inaugurated, which it still holds till today. Other eras which are still memorable to the club are the 1983 season when the club was again promoted to 1st Division (This time the new format with the Premier League) and 1992 also promoted to 1st Division. In 2006 Gudja United F.C. won the 3rd Division Championship & registered the first time ever to get promoted as Winner of the Championship. But the very best moment for our club came in the seasons 2010 - 2011 & 2011 - 2012 as the Club obtained back to back promotions from 3rd Division to 2nd & from 2nd to 1st in just 2 years. From the administration side, the club produced an exceptional Administrator, the late Mr. Joseph Sacco, later M.F.A Secretary, whom organized the Club for so many years in an exceptional manner.

Gudja United promoted to Second division

Gudja Utd season 2004-2005 Champions promoted to 2nd division.

Matthew Xerxen in action

One of Matthew Xerxen's brilliant saves.

Terence Vella with the National Maltese Team

Terence Vella scoring for Malta.

One cannot forget to mention the exceptional players the Club brought up during these eras, amongst them, Michael Farrugia, J. J. Dalli, Maurice Muscat, Joe Ellul, & Raymond Dalli, and recently Emerson Vella, Peter Paul Sammut & Glenn Zammit who played or still play in the Maltese Premier League today. But the best amongst all is undoubtedly Terence Vella who represented our country in both Under 21 & National A Teams, also setting a record he still holds till today by scoring the most amount of goals in one group stage of the U/21 European Qualifiers. The Club also hails the most capped players, Elton Bugeja, Matthew Xerxen, Chris Grech, Michael Baldacchino and Andrew Farrugia.

Today with the help of the newly appointed Club director, Dr. Duncan Borg Myatt, the club aims again promotion to 1st Division with a very strong squad and is also embarking on a strong commercial project with a bright future ahead.

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